Nous sommes contagieux: les britanniques divisés …au sujet des grèves en France

Steve bell, impérial dans le guardian:


Les lecteurs de The independent:

Yesterday’s front page on the French strikes prompted a passionate debate on The Independent’s website, with readers more or less equally divided for and against the protests. NorrisLockley, who lives « parallel lives » in France and Yorkshire, says there is « no comparison in the quality of life and services, with life in France winning hands down« . Nicolas Sarkozy’s attack on the French social care model sticks in French throats, he says.

Patty, from the US, says: « The world, and alas France, is changing. To be competitive in this global economy the workers must be realistic and realise that their lives will change. »

Briar says: « Bravo to the French. They are a truly democratic country with people prepared to take effective, non-violent action. So much less cringing and indolent than the English, desperate to appear moderate and middle class. »

Ronp123r asks: « Were the rail employees who blocked the train lines (and risked a catastrophic train crash) immediately arrested for attempted murder? No? Well, that’s problem number one. »

John Mullen says: « As usual, John Lichfield is witty… and pro-Sarkozy. But take a wider picture – look at the statistics for pensioner poverty in Britain and in France, and you will see that the strikers are absolutely right. It is because of the different strikes over pensions (victory in 1995, compromise in 2003) that pensioner poverty is much lower in France. »

Mathieu Chabert, a French Erasmus (EU exchange) student in Manchester, is depressed by the strikes – even though he voted against President Sarkozy. « Not only are unions not representatives of the majority of French population, but this reform is definitely necessary for us. First of all, early retirement privileges were established at the beginning of the century for workers with a difficult and hard job. Nowadays, this situation is unacceptable… We have to reform this unfair situation to help people who are in need. »


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