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Beach Boys – I can hear music 1969

Brian Wilson Surf's Up.

surf's up album« It is the ultimate irony that one of the most famous (and infamous) Beach Boys album has never even been officially released. Critics have endlessly discussed the impact of the group’s undisputed masterpiece, 1966’s Pet Sounds, and nostalgic fans have long been enamored of the band’s early surfing-cars-and-girls singles, but arguably even more attention has been dedicated to the group’s Smile era. Despite the impressive accomplishments of the Beach Boys during their early-to-mid ’60s peak, they will forever be remembered for the one accomplishment they failed to deliver. »

La suite sur l’excellent site de Stylus Magazine. (L’article, daté de 2003, ne mentionne par la « résurrection de Smile, l’année suivante).

Behind The Sounds: Wouldn't It Be Nice

In 1995, nearly 30 years after the album was released, a panel of some of the most successful musicians, songwriters and producers in rock music was assembled by Britain’s MOJO magazine to determine the « Greatest Album Ever Made. » When the balloting was completed, the winner was Pet Sounds.

Behind The Sounds: You Still Believe In Me


No less a talent than Paul McCartney has proclaimed it a personal favorite. « It was Pet Soundsthat blew me out of the water, » he recounted in 1990. « I love the album so much. »

The Beatles’ producer, George Martin, also has sung the praises of the album. « The first time I heard Pet Sounds, » he recalled, « I got that kind of feeling that happens less and less as one gets older and more blase … that moment when something comes along and blows your mind. Hearing Pet Sounds gave me the kind of feeling that raises the hairs on the back of your neck and you say, ‘What is that? It’s fantastic!’ It gives you an elation that is beyond logic. »

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